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Part 1:  Stay On The Path
Quick Summary


Empower people to counteract misleading information and embrace uncertainty.

  Decrease polarisation in society
  Increase our capacity for productive disagreement
  Recover a healthy information ecosystem


Fallible is a revolutionary new addition to the way you stay informed and answer crucial questions in today's complex world.

It's a social platform designed entirely around maintaining a probabilistic mindset and avoiding common causes of misjudgment.


This powerful way of thinking can become second nature thanks to intuitive UI and UX that's been made specifically to serve it.

You almost can't help but think probabilistically if that's how everything is presented.  And as you're browsing the web, you can call on the collective wisdom of the community to supercharge your bullshit detector and augment your ability to identify potential misintuitions.

If you bring all these elements together and build a network around it, you get Fallible:  the ultimate tool to help you master the naturally error-prone ways of the human mind.

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We will be looking to raise seed funding with the right investors soon.  If that's you please say hello.